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On this website, Tomasz Pietrzykowski is publishing his feuilletons, essays, and audio recordings. The main topic of this site is the creation of a new society called: Wisdom Society .  However, I may also write about other issues which are not directly related to this topic – they represent more personal, and sometimes more controversial views of the author. There exist, however,  a sister site: cooperative-wisdom-society.com which is strictly dedicated to Wisdom Society. The author  is particularly interested in comments and suggestions concerning material published on this page.  Here is his email: pietoma@gmail.com . He responds to all emails.

Tomasz Pietrzykowski.

Retired professor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Programming), a retired teacher of Buddhism and Shambhala. At present, he works on the design and development of a modern egalitarian society called Wisdom Society and lectures on this and related subjects.

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