Vision of this site

This site is the result of my long time dream to be able to show how the ancient ideas of Buddhism and Shambhala are directly and experientially applicable to our daily lives. I would like to provoke and inspire the readers to discover this on their own. The teachings should stay in the background while our natural intelligence and curiosity play the main role.

This will be done by presenting brief feuilletons on a variety of subjects. They will be linked by their common underlying view on reality specific to Buddhism and Shambhala but without any direct reference to them. The reasons are many, but most important is that Buddhism is widely considered a religion and the idea of religion can turn many people off. This misconception combined with ignorance of what Buddhism really is, a philosophy and practice of the investigation of our existence, is so deeply imbedded in the social perception that trying to change it is of no avail.

Each feuilleton will address a particular aspect of our daily life. This examination will provide a template which we can utilize to directly involve ourselves as a researcher and discoverer of the subtle and sometimes hidden but critically important aspects of our relations with the world and ourselves. Furthermore, if as result of our investigations we decide to change these relations there are suggested actual methods for how to do so.

In these feuilletons I would also like to address issues of our relations with the world with special emphasis on the social context. Here I would like to follow the direction of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who presents a revolutionary approach to such fundamental issues such as human goodness, kindness and behaviour based on cultivating virtues. This task is particularly challenging because our language and views are so soaked in morality, political correctness and religiosity.

The feuilletons will be posted rather irregularly, so if you would like to be alerted when a new one arrives please register yourself on this site and an appropriate email will be sent to you.

Each feuilleton will have attached to it a blog where you will be able to express your views, questions, suggestions, to read what other bloggers have to say and interact with them, as well as myself.
At this point I would like to express my gratitude to the people who made this page possible.

I would like to thank you Joanna Czyżycka for developing the graphics and Paweł Molenda for doing all the rest of the work necessary to make this site an internet reality.

I want to thank you Chandali (my wife) for not only editing all English texts (which I later translated into Polish) but also for being the de facto co-author. Unfortunately she staunchly refuses to formally assume this role.

At this point I would like than Tomasz Szczygielski who decided to cover the technical costs of of the site, as well as, the costs of correction of the Polish version.

I would like to express very special gratitude to Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche who introduced ‘self-reflection’ as a method of working on oneself in his book: “The Light Comes Through”. His approach inspired me to create this site and is the basis of practices that are suggested here.

Finally I would like to thank, from the depth of my heart, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche whose teaching re-ignited my faith that humanity is not sentenced to annihilation but has a chance to recover and blossom.